Monday, October 14, 2013

Art To Remember

At the start of the year I always begin with our Fall fundraiser, Art To Remember. Its rather challenging to determine a start of the school year project that needs to move along rather quickly to meet the ATR deadlines and engage the students for quality work.

Fourth and fifth graders created a fall still life. They studied & sketched pumpkins, indian corn, acorns, leaves and gourds before starting.

They used their sketchbook studies to help them draw their "masterpiece". After their drawing was finished, they moved to outlining and coloring. I gave a demonstration on both drawing and coloring so they understood what they should be working on.

Second and third graders drew owls. They planned their picture in their sketchbook before working on good paper. Our focus was line, pattern and symmetry.

Our projects are wrapping up this week and then we will be onto something new :)

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