Tuesday, September 3, 2013

APPR and Pre-Post Assessments

Last year was our first year as a district working with the APPR and pre-post assessments. Most of the art teachers were not happy with the pre/post we had to give so I have really been researching and learning what I can do. Meaning, what can I do in my art room and share with my colleagues in hopes the higher powers will listen.  I have been busy creating a kindergarten pre-post assessment that I can give at the beginning and end of year but will also work on pre-post assessments to give before and after projects for all grade levels k-5.

Today I'll share my kindergarten pre-post assessment since its almost complete. I devised rubrics for cutting, gluing, and coloring, 3 areas I typically assess while moving thru the room. I'm just finishing up these rubrics so I will post them later.

The assessment will be in book form and will focus on the Elements of Art that kindergartners are expected to know at years end. On our first day of art, students will work on their cover, a picture of how they came to school today. Did they ride the bus? Get dropped off by a parent? What did they bring and wear....all this will be directed to them to do without a demonstration.

Another pre/post assessment I've created for kindergarten is based on a lesson I typically do at the start of the year, Patterned Fish........I will share my documents later this week or early next since I'm just so tired after my first day of school. Kids don't come until Thursday but I'm tired already!