Thursday, October 31, 2013

3 Steps to Guaranteed FUN

Its always fun to be with Kinders.....everything is fascinating and fun to them.  This project is a real winner when it comes to a guaranteed good time. I like to do this in conjunction with Halloween since it has a creepy feel but is not necessarily Halloween.

1. During our last class, Kinders made crayons by peeling and breaking them to fit into pumpkin shaped baking forms. To conclude the crayon making class, I read Scaredy Cat Splat (this prepared them for our upcoming class) For our next class, we talked about Texture and how to create crayon rubbings using a glue line spider web (I created these for them).....thinking about that spider in last weeks story :)

2. Following the spider web rubbings, Kinders used model magic and learned to mix 2 primaries to make the secondary colors. We made a large purple ball, a medium orange ball and a small green ball.

3. Lastly, they constructed their spooky spider completed with 8 hairy legs!

A super fun, super easy and engaging lesson. I concluded class with a reading of Dem Bones....a fun filled 55 minute class!

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