Friday, August 9, 2013

A New Year Ahead, A New Blog....

The summer is in the home stretch and the school year will begin in just a few short weeks. My summer  has been filled with lots of professional development (more on that later) and in many ways I'm excited to start the year. But really, who doesn't love free time, no scheduled events, and relaxation?! Thats why the end of summer/ beginning of the school year is bittersweet.

I have been very bad at keeping up my artroom blog in the past and that is why I've created this new one. My thought is that I will start fresh! I will reach out to my 7 followers from my past blog and invite them here.... I need to really try hard at keeping this thing going!

One of my problems I think was that I wasn't clear to myself as to who I was gearing this blog for. Was it fellow art teachers or was it for my school families? I am clear now!  This space is really for me to share with fellow art teachers! I would like to share what I'm doing at each grade level, I teach k-5th, my management style, assessments I'm using, technology I'm trying, and how I'm linking to the common core. To begin, I will most likely post once a week. If I give myself a schedule, I think that might help.

Please join me here as I share with all of you what the heck goes on in my art room :)

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